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How Readings Are Done

Channeled Readings: The Channeler first clears their thoughts, then focuses on who the message will come from. (human/client spirit, angelic spirit, etc..) With the mind clear and connected, it then receives the message in the desired channeled format. (Trance State or cards are just some of the ways)

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Free Readings


All Free Readings can be viewed on the Latest Readings tab above or you can click here.

Readings are usually released Weekly. 

Personal Readings

Sam the Illusionist: Sam does personal readings as he gets time, this requires time in meditation as well as setting up the recording. A form below can be used to send him a direct email, he will then tell you the next steps once he has a chance. (He has many emails, daily, so have patience)


Shane the Wanderer: Shane does multiple types of Card Readings during the week. Shane does the readings at his home and then sends you a digital pdf of your reading with the meanings. Video options may be available as well. Currently not doing live 1 on 1 phone readings. All Card Readings digital image or video are completed in 24 hours or less.  See more info about scheduling and rates below. 


Shane the Wanderer Message from Spirit





This Card Reading, includes a 3 tarot draw message (Mind), followed by 4th tarot card as the overall message (Spirit). The 5th card is from my Rune/Moon Phase Oracle Deck(Body). This card will give you the best tool to focus on to reach your highest self.  

Example shown. 

Kneeling Astronaut

Sam the Illusionist Personal Soul Reading



Sam will channel your higher self to learn the history of your soul evolution. Given in audio format. 

Sam takes all requests and answers them as he gets time. Please be patient.

How Readings Done
Personal Readings
Message Spirit
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