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The Wanderers

Meet our Team!!

Sam The Illusionist
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Sam the Illusionist currently resides in India near the Himalaya Mountains. His channeling journey began when Sam found a pathway to his higher-self through self-hypnosis. While in a trance state, he receives messages from other dimensional beings of light.  When Sam is not channeling he works a full time job and also helping out his family. 

Some of Sam's interests include boxing, music, and reading when he gets a chance. He was also known to practice Magic tricks and hypnosis. Check out Sams's Patreon for exclusive channeling sessions, email about personal readings, and you can share abundance by donating to his PayPal.

Shane The Wanderer
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Shane the Wanderer currently resides in Northern Alabama surrounded by nature, lakes, and mountains. Shane began his spiritual journey in 2017 after an awakening experience while in trance in hot water. Since this experience, he's explored different aspects of expanding his consciousness, exploring manifestation (Magick), herbs, meditation, tarot/oracle cards, and energy work.

Shane has spent time traveling the world in the US Army before leaving in 2009. He would later get licensed in Massage Therapy and obtain his Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Business in 2017. Now he spends his time focusing on his family and two dogs, Thor and Loki. As well as others who are on the same Journey of expanding their consciousness.  

If your interested in joining our team of Wanderer's email us at

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