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Shane is a former US Army Veteran who now lives and spends his time in Alabama. He currently does free Card Readings as well as personal Card Readings using both a tarot deck and a Rune/Moon Oracle Deck. When not doing readings he spends time with family, his two dogs Thor and Loki, and exploring Nature.

Card Readings (Tarot/Rune) and Channeled Readings

Astrology Map
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Sam currently lives in India where he channels different light beings wisdom for our current timeline. The messages he asks are from the collective community with the purpose of awakening humanity to the truth of our reality. His latest video is posted to below or can see some of his most recent Channelings on the Latest Readings Page. You can contact Sam about Personal Channelings. 

Let the Stars Guide You

Universal Library
Universal Library

Welcome to the Free Will Universe

So you've chosen to incarnate on Gaia and you have managed to find my little Café of Consciousness. Relax, take a seat, and pour your favorite beverage. Let me offer you some wisdom on your own journey as a wandering consciousness. 

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  • Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Light Beings, Physical Beings, Consciousness

  • Densities, Dimensions, Energy Centers

  • Spiritual Herbs, Tools, Sacred Geometry

  • Manifesting Techniques

  • Book Suggestions

Shane The Wanderer
Current Free Readings

Here you will find the most current Readings done by our team of Wanderers. You can find out more by clicking the videos or images. Links to social media are also provided. 

Sam The Illusionist
Channeled Readings

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